Bahamas Revisited Community

Bahamas Revisited Community

Our mission is to expose youth to the myriad of learning and growth opportunities that can be found in The islands and waters of The Bahamas. Our objective is to prepare Bahamian youth to participate in civic programs at their schools and become contributors to nation building.


Young Bahamians that have been on trips since 2015.


Organizations locally and internationally that Bahamas Revisited Community works with.


Potential when children are exposed to new and challenging experiences outside of their everyday life.

Abaco Bahamas Relief

Rebuilding Abaco

As the rebuild efforts continue, Bahamas Revisited Community is partnering up with Beacon Won again to offer week long relief trips for those interested in assisting those in the Abaco Cays with the rebuild effort. If you are interested in joining a group, or have a group that you would like to bring, please shoot us an inquiry.

Who We Are

In keeping with a deep rooted commitment to empowering young Bahamians, Bahamas Revisited Community was formed to organize experiences for Bahamian youth who otherwise would never be able to afford it. A portion of every charter booked through Bahamas Revisited is combined with generous donations to run these excursions.

If I am able to convince one student to dedicate their life to selfless nation building, I will consider all of this work worthwhile. — Steven Cartwright, Founder

Each Spring and Summer break, students are selected from extra curricular school groups like the Bahamas National Trust Discovery Clubs, Young Marine Explorers, Governor General Youth Award and similar programs to participate in these experiences. In the past we have run both land based and sailing trips and on both excursions students learn valuable lessons on how to protect, and preserve what makes our country so beautiful.

Learning through experiences

Our Directors

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Why We Do What We Do

We believe very strongly that this kind of exposure has a lasting impact on a young person, and it is vital that we provide these opportunities to as many young people as possible. As we scale up, we hope to create more experiences here at home, and abroad for young Bahamians. We have modeled our program after the Global Young Leaders Summit offered in Washington DC that gathers students from all over the world to participate in a model UN. Our hope is to create a Bahamas centric program that exposes the best and brightest Bahamian youth to the opportunities available to them here at home, and abroad, and to equip them to take advantage of those opportunities.

Learning through experiences

Join Us

We are always looking for new organizations to partner with, so if you run an after school program, or work with young people in some capacity please do not hesitate to reach out! In addition to monies allocated from the excursion company, support from the community either through volunteerism or financial gifts are always welcome. Please note that we are a registered 501c3 in the state of Florida, and all US based donations are tax deductible.

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